Fort Collins Funeral Services

Are goal is to give care to your loved one and make sure you go though this transition as smooth as possible.

Healing Experince

In early grief, you may think that it would better for everyone to get the funeral done with as fast as possible. While it could be easier, most of the time this is not the case. Your job is to set the stage for the future. We suggest that you give your family and friends time to start the healing process. 

Funeral Service

Getting close friends and family together and helps us acknowledge that somebody we loved has died. 

Funerals allow us to say goodbye to our love one. This allows us to begin healing as a funeral creates a support blanket with everybody that attends. A funeral gives everyone the opportunity to share memories, emotions, and find support. 

We offer burial or cremation, formal or relaxed memorial service. 

Allnutt will work with you to provide a meaningful ceremony that your loved one deserves. 


If you have chosen burial services for your loved one in Fort Collins, typically most ceremonies revolve around the casket being present. We offer the traditional route with a viewing, and then having a funeral service in a chapel or church. Alternatively, you could even decide to have a relaxed service and it could be anywhere you could want it to be, even in your a family's home.


Cremation is the chosen way to handle your loved ones remains. This is a quick and more affordable solution to traditional burial. We believe that you should have a memorial or funeral service as it allows everyone to heal. the plus side with cremation is that you can set up a service that is convenient for family and friends. This allows the optimal chance for most of your loved ones to begin the healing process together. 

You Cannot Do it over again 

You knew your loved one better than anyone, the memories, the good and bad times. We at Allnutt, have years of experience. Together, we’ll design a unique memorial or funeral service for your loved one. If you're ready to discuss your options,  please call us at (970) 667-0202, or send us an email inquiry.