Permanent Memorialization

Create a dedicated place of healing for freinds and family. This is a way to remember and connect with your loved one.

grief and loss

A Constant Place of Healing

In our society with all the computers, cars, and social media. People aren't given nearly enough time to grieve their losses. 

Many families may choose to scatter the cremated remains at one of their loved one in a special spot such as a lake. While that may b fitting at the time, you will not have a consistent place to connect with your loved one.  

Having a permanent place in a garden, cemetery, or mausoleum will be an essential part of the time following a death. It becomes the center of a memorial, and gives everyone a place to go and remember your loved one. It can help with the pain on a anniversary or birthday.

This also gives you a chance to connect to the families past. This gives children an anchor to their personal history. It is a connection to the past, to love shared. This will help honor the relationship you still have with that person.