History & Staff

We have years of experience caring for families, from all walks of life. Each family comes to us because they know we are leaders in our profession, dedicated to excellence in service, and have the highest integrity.

Experienced Funeral Directing

Our History

Resthaven is finally under family ownership as of the summer of 2007. A long time northern Colorado family with roots dating back to the 1880s bought Resthaven and plans to further develop the Memorial Park into a place where all people are welcome and feel comfortable with whatever their needs might be. We believe it is our property owners’ park and we simply maintain it to the highest standard and continue to develop new features for families to choose from when they consider their long term needs.

Our Valued Staff

  • Rick  Allnutt

    Rick Allnutt, President - Funeral Director

  • Mark  Griffith

    Mark Griffith, Chief Financial Officer

  • Kevin  Wolfe

    Kevin Wolfe, VP Operations / Sales Manager

  • Rick  Elliott

    Rick Elliott, Managing Funeral Director

  • Kristopher Houseman

    Kristopher Houseman, Funeral Director

  • Julieen Burnham

    Julieen Burnham, Funeral Director

  • Estilita  Biery

    Estilita Biery, Business Support Administrator

  • Corey Hymes

    Corey Hymes, Cemetery Administrator

  • Jen  Rothfuss

    Jen Rothfuss, Certified Crematory Operator

  • Debra  Pringle

    Debra Pringle, Support Staff

  • Joyce  Ferrar

    Joyce Ferrar, Support Staff

  • Tiffany Caro

    Tiffany Caro, Family Service and Aftercare Specialist

  • Cherise  Jolley

    Cherise Jolley, Family Service and Aftercare Specialist

  • Tina Wagner

    Tina Wagner, Pre-Planning and After Care Counselor / Officiant

  • Tab Gusa

    Tab Gusa, Cemetery Superintendent

  • Ricky Delgado

    Ricky Delgado, Cemetery Support

  • Linda  Gallup

    Linda Gallup, Support Staff

  • Jan Alexander

    Jan Alexander, Support Staff

  • John Stuart

    John Stuart, Support Staff

  • Peter Johansen

    Peter Johansen, Support Staff

  • Miki Johansen

    Miki Johansen, Support Staff

  • Jeff  Tonkin

    Jeff Tonkin, Support Staff

  • Ellen Elliott

    Ellen Elliott, Kitchen Angel

  • Connie Bopp

    Connie Bopp, Kitchen Angel

  • Bonnie  Jacobsen

    Bonnie Jacobsen, Housekeeper